The Start

Today, we are starting the journey that is ScrnCheat Media.
We are building an awesome website and our social channels, to host you with awesome news.

Whether it’s gaming or film & tv, we are the outlet you have to visit on a daily basis!
Besides articles, several podcasts will keep you up to speed on what’s hot and not!

In the month of April, we are getting ready to implement all the details, and getting the initial content ready to go live.
We will keep you up to speed through the process on where we stand and what to expect from us.

We are also working hard on our Discord server, so make sure to join us!
Whether it’s just for a good time, or if you want to join us as a writer, have a gander!

Soon, we will also introduce the team behind ScrnCheat Media, so you can get familiar with whose guiding you through it all.
Come join us for this adventure and feel free to ask questions in the comments, Twitter or on the Discord server.

– Pierre, Jeffrey, and Nav.

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